This article will explain the necessity for using control groups into your marketing campaigns, and how you can gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s behavior.

A control group is a section of the segment of members you are targeting with a campaign which you determine will not receive the marketing campaign. Select a random sample from your campaign's marketing list and exclude them from promotion. Then measure the control group's activity and compare it to the activity of the group targeted via a campaign. The difference between the control and campaign group gives a good notion of how effective and profitable the campaign is.

To utilize Control Groups, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Pobuca Loyalty menu.
2. Click on Control Groups.

3. At the next screen, you can select members from a Marketing List as well as the percentage of the excluded customers.

NOTE: You can select only Static Marketing Lists.

4. After adding the marketing list and the percentage, click on Create Control Groups Lists.

5. To view the two newly created marketing lists click on the Pobuca Loyalty menu and select Marketing Lists.

6. Once, you are back at the marketing list's page, you will be presented with the two marketing lists.

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