A/B Testing is a method of market testing in which you send two versions of your newsletter, campaign, or other marketing asset to two test audiences from your marketing list. You can track which version receives the highest unique open rate or highest click-through rate and send that version to all the remaining members.

To perform A/B Testing, follow these steps:

1.Click on the Pobuca Loyalty menu.

2.Click on A/B Testing.

3. At the next screen, select members from a Marketing List as well as the percentage of the two split lists. The system randomly selects which subscribers receive the two test versions and the remainder.
You can send the winning version to the remainder of your members when the winner is determined.

NOTE: You can select only Static Marketing Lists.

4. After adding the marketing list and the split percentage, click on Create A/B Testing Lists.

5. To view the newly created marketing lists click on the Pobuca Loyalty menu and select Marketing Lists.

6. Once, you are back at the marketing list's page, you will be presented with the two different versions (List A and List B) and the winning list.

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