1) Marketing lists

Sending a newsletter requires the existence of at least one marketing list which will include the recipients of the newsletter. Read this article (reference of the related article once we release them) to learn how to create a marketing list. 

2) Creating the scenario for the newsletter

To create the scenario for the newsletter, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Pobuca Loyalty menu
  2. Click on Scenarios

3. Click on NEW to create a new scenario

4. At the next screen, fill in the fields of the form. The ones that have a star are mandatory. Analytically: 

Scenario Name: A name describing the scenario

Scenario Type: The available Scenario types are:

  • One Time Deal: are executed ad-hoc
  • Once Per Day: are executed every day automatically at the selected time
  • Advanced: are executed periodically with complicated criteria (administrators only)

From Name: The sender's name  

From Email: The sender's email

Email Subject: The email's subject 

After filling in all the mandatory information the scenario can be saved by clicking on SAVE.

3) Editing the newsletter's body

After saving the scenario, the newsletter HTML editor can be selected by clicking the appropriate option ('...') as shown below.

A new window will open in the browser with tools to create a new newsletter body or edit a saved one. 

Adding personalized fields is possible, using the interface at the right of the screen. The appropriate entity must be chosen (Contact, Account, Lead) for the list of the available fields to appear. Double clicking the desired field will add the appropriate syntax at the newsletter body, where the cursor is placed. This syntax will be replaced with the field value of each contact within the marketing list. See the screenshot below as an example:

Adding an image in the newsletter body is possible via the Insert Image icon.

A dialog window will appear and you can browse images saved in your PC by clicking browse and then upload. When an image is uploaded, it can be added in the newsletter by double clicking it.

Before saving the newsletter HTML, you can add the following links: 

Add Unsubscribe: this link is mandatory and is added at the bottom of the newsletter. It enables recipients to unsubscribe from the marketing lists.

Add Open in Browser: this link is added at the top of the newsletter and enables the recipients to preview the newsletter in a browser. This link is optional.

When you have finished editing the newsletter's body, click on the Save and Close icon to save your changes and return to the scenario's page.

4) Sending the scenario

Before sending a scenario, one or more marketing lists must be assigned to it. Adding a marketing list is possible by clicking the + button at the right side of the screen and then searching for the desired one.

A Test Marketing List can be added in the corresponding field and it is used to test the scenario before sending it to the actual recipients:

After adding the marketing lists, save the scenario before sending it.

Clicking the “” button at the scenario's options menu and then choosing Control Panel will open the Control Panel window.

You can send the scenario to the chosen marketing lists by clicking on Activate.

While the scenario is being executed, statistics will appear about sent emails, invalid addresses, past unsubscribing etc. All previous executions appear at the bottom of the window along with their statistics.

Clicking the Test button (see screenshot above) will send the scenario to the test marketing list assigned at the previous step.

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